Working as an IT Contractor at Citibank in Lewisham

Citibank in Lewisham
Citibank in Lewisham - my contractthere and dealing with permies

Citibank in Lewisham

I remember working for Citibank in Lewisham as a contractor.

My main memory was that there was a separate canteen for senior workers than there was for ordinary workers.

I used to go to the one for the chiefs as no one had told me not to.

I did find out but as no one was telling me to get out I kept going.

Citibank Lewisham
Citibank Lewisham – my contract there

Other contractors started going too.

Suit Jacket

I used to take my suit jacket off and put it over my chair when I ate.

One of the other guys there said that no one had done that before I came and that a lot of people had started doing it.

I hadn‘t realised till he told me.

In fact I was surprised that people had been eating there with their suit jackets on.

I heard on the grapevine that my own boss was not best pleased about my going there and sure enough a memo came soon after saying that contractors were not to go to that canteen (or restaurant as they called it).

IT Contractor Problems With Permanent Employees
IT Contractor Office Problems With Permanent Employees

Smoke Detector

Another memory that I had was that the smoke detector was extremely sensitive – and that was in the days when you could still smoke at work.

It would usually go off several times a week.

It would go off on short rings and we were told that if it ever went to a continuous ring then the fire was confirmed and we should get out.

The problem was that we were on the 14th floor.

We waited nervously to see if the rings would be continuous till the alarm stopped.

Spec for Programme Not Working

Another memory was that I had got a spec for a programme and had managed to get the screen part up.

I thought I‘d let the permie who had created the spec see the screen.

I remember his name was Malcolm but I don‘t remember his surname.

However, I told him it was just to see the screen as I hadn‘t finished.

However, he then went on to test it and told me that it wasn‘t working.

I told him that I knew that as I hadn‘t tested it yet and I was just showing him the screen.

Permie Not Listening

Have you ever had one of those conversations where the person you are talking to doesn‘t seem to hear a word you are saying?

jealous permies
Jealous Permies that contractors have to put up with

He kept saying that I shouldn‘t be passing over work that was untested and I kept saying that I hadn‘t passed it over and all I was doing was showing him the screen that he had designed and that I hadn‘t tested it.

I think that only about 3 of the 6 days allocated to it had elapsed by then.

Called In to Boss’s Office in Citibank in Lewisham

It got worse as he must have reported it to his boss who then called me in to his office to say that I was producing work which was of poor quality and full of errors.

I explained to the boss what had happened and he seemed to accept that.

However, it was all very bizarre.

Have any of you had bizarre experiences with permies like the one above?

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