Apps skills – without them you will be a 2nd class freelancer

Apps Skills
Apps Skills

Apps Skills Necessary

According to ReThink Recruitment the market for apps skills and apps developers is rapidly expanding. Rates are soaring.

However, ReThink go further and say ‘Not having app development skills will hold web developers back in the job market. It will hurt their pay prospects.’

It seems that Apple have 700,000 apps in its Apps Store.

They say they have paid $6,5bn to apps developers since they opened Apps Store.

They reckon that 300,000 jobs have been created because of apps in the US economy.

Traditional Web Development Skills

Said Michael Bennett of Rethink, ‘Consumer businesses now take traditional web development skills – such as familiarity with HTML5 or basic web platforms – for granted in their in-house web-teams.

‘App consultancies wouldn‘t look twice at someone without app know-how.’

A recent survey by Monetate shows that smartphone traffic to retailers is up by 117% in the last year and tablet traffic to retailers is up by 350% in that period.

Picture in the UK

Michael Bennett said, ‘The picture in the UK is very similar to that of the US.

‘The app economy is growing here too.’

ReThink say that although there are opportunities for independent app developers to earn a living through creating apps, building apps for businesses is a more reliable source of income.

Michael Bennett says: ‘For every Angry Birds, there are hundreds of other apps that are designed and launched that sink without a trace.

‘Prospective app developers need to be aware that apps can‘t be taken lightly.

‘Building a successful app needs both luck and effort.’

You will need apps skills in the future if you are to remain a successful IT Contractor.

Try and get those skills if you can.