Great Future – Why the future is so bright for IT workers

Great Future for UK IT Contractors
Bright Future for UK IT Contractors

Great Future for IT Workers

It looks like we who work in IT have a great future.

According to the EU, a quarter of EU GDP growth and 40% of Productivity growth derives from IT.

That‘s an astonishing figure.

In fact they state that ‘differences in economic performance between industrialised countries are largely explained by the level of ICT investment, research, and use, and by the competitiveness of information society and media industries. Furthermore, ICT services, skills, media and content are a growing part of the economy and society’.


So, let‘s just stand back a minute and look at the ramifications of that.

They are saying that the main difference in the economic well being of the different industrialised countries is down to how much they spend on IT.

This tallies with a survey of the private sector where directors of major companies said that the biggest Return On Investment that they get from spending money was on the ROI for money that they spend on IT.

This EU survey, therefore. seems to confirm this.

Ignore Surveys

That is why I don‘t believe any of those surveys coming out which say that our industry will be much smaller with fewer working in it in a few years time.

Bright Future for IT Contractors
Bright Future for IT Contractors

We are, therefore, the best way that a company can spend money. We are the main differential between the economic performances of industrial countries.

This is the Information Age and we enable the supply of information.

Great Return on Investment

By the way, only 8% of the EU‘s GDP is spent on IT. This 8% gets a return of 25% of all EU GDP growth and 40% of Productivity growth. That is quite a Return on Investment.

The reason for this EU press release is that they intend to spend more on IT in the next few years.

Why wouldn‘t they?

Why wouldn‘t major companies also do so?

Future is Bright for IT Contractors
Future is Bright for IT Contractors in the UK

So, ignore all the doom and gloom surveys.

The future is very bright for those who work in IT. There is a great future for us.