Why some IT Contractors are still out of work, by an Agent

Out of Work Contractor
Some contractors are still out of work

Out of Work Contractors

So, who are the out of work contractors?

I have been reading some of the comments on your site from IT Contractors any time you publish an article which says that the IT Contract market is improving.

I tried to post a reply in the Comments section to them but it got cut off so I’ve sent it to you direct.

Basically many of them are saying that the IT jobs market is not improving at all. One other reply seemed to suggest that it was inexperienced contractors who are out of work.

However, as an IT Recruiter I can tell you that this is not the case.

New Breed of IT Contractors

Most of the new breed of IT Contractors are working. It stands to reason that they should be.

They have the skills that IT Clients want nowadays and they are not as expensive as the more experienced IT contractors.

And, most of them went contracting recently because their skills were a match for at least one IT client on the market.

More Experienced Contractors

No, it is not those contractors who are out of work.

It is not the more experienced IT Contractors who are not working either, especially at the higher level.

They are being snapped up like hotcakes as companies start new projects that they have shelved for years or major systems changes.

Those Out of work Contractors

The freelancers who are out of work are those who went contracting in the last boom when the pickings were easy.

You didn’t have to be that good at what you do and you didn’t have to be that good at interviews.

In fact you didn’t have to be very good at impressing management or getting on with the permanent staff either.

Anybody who could do virtually anything was able to grab a contract in those days.

IT Contractors Out of Work

However, when the wheel stopped spinning in the following downturn loads of those IT Contractors were out of work.

Most IT Contractors who were out of work during that and the last downturn are back at work now.

There are still a few who are still out of work and will find it difficult to get back on the gravy train.

Their skills have deteriorated.

There are some genuinely good IT contractors amongst them but as each day goes past they get less saleable.

Unemployable IT Contractors

However, many were just average at their job, others are bad at interviews, and others have bad attitudes.

Even though the market is pretty good nowadays, clients can still afford to be a bit choosy.

No longer will they take someone, even though they weren’t that impressed by them at the interview, just because they are having difficulties finding people with the appropriate skills.

They are prepared to wait a little longer to get a better IT Contractor.

Some of those who went IT Contracting in the last boom and that of the late nineties should never have become IT Contractors.

However, the boom was in full swing and the pickings were easy.

Dead Wood IT Contractors

The shakeout in the market during those downturns was healthy for the industry and some of the dead wood got shaken out.

The decent IT contractors managed to get work when the downturn finished.

I’m afraid that some of those who have not managed to get back to work afterwards, the show is over.

Those out of work IT Contractors need to look at doing something else.

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