Useless IT Professionals – Why so Many Are

Useless IT Professionals
Useless IT Professionals

This article, about useless IT professionals, was posted by one of our readers and the opinions are his own.

Useless IT Professionals

I have recently completed an honours degree in Computer Science. I can confess to knowing many from within my year who literally plagiarise their way to a degree award.

Resultantly, when they hit the marketplace, they are as much use as a chocolate watch.

However I believe this only to be one concept in the larger spectrum of an IT downturn with professionals.

Useless IT Contractors
Useless IT Contractors – a Contractor speaks out

There’s no proper regulatory body in this country. The BCS is not one as it has no enforceable legislation or powers of statute.

So, there is no regulated manner in which to assess professional’s skill levels. There’s no way, also, ensure that they are at least capable of carrying out their job role.

Additionally with the saturation of so many streamlined courses offering every man and his dog an avenue into the supposedly lucrative IT job market it is hardly any wonder that the skill set of so many has become so diluted.

Computer Illiterates

I have worked in the industry under total computer illiterates. It disgusts me how they have managed to obtain their positions. They don’t seem to understanding the rudimentary aspects of the IT field.

The past high salaries and HR departments ignorant of correct vetting procedure, attract the wrong sort into this market. Psychometrics don’t work for IT. It just proves the person can add and spell.

Professional Skillset

So, to offer a possible solution to this dilemma, I would suggest proper regulation of IT professionals. It should be similar to other professional engineering bodies, i.e. chartered status etc.

This would involve:-

1. examinations of the professionals skill set against a regulatory body (BCS, perhaps or even Government department),

2. logging of the professionals previous employers to ascertain if they provided a worthwhile service and

3. to ensure their work ethics were meeting the standard.

This would certainly go a long way to defeating the useless coat-tail cowboys who are gradually destroying our fragile reputation. That is the destroy the fragile reputation of so many dedicated professionals. They understand the necessity for up to date skill-sets. They understand the need, also, to improve software quality within the IT arena.


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    1. I was a member of the bcs for a couple of years. A complete waste ox time and money. Maybe it was because I’m in Cambridge and things move faster here?

    2. This posting is far too generic and does not take into account the breadth and depth of the I.T. Industry.. There are many professional bodies that DO give exactly what the author is referring to. I for one am covered by the APM which governs the Prince 2 accreditation which has a database and lasts 5 years before requiring a formal renewal. I am also ITIL certified, again with formal governance and mandatory certifications.

      However, I do not disagree that there are people out there either mis-representing their qualifications, or down right lying but that is really up to the organisations and people that employ them to validate their skills, experience and qualifications.

      Beware of tarring every contractor (or consultant as I prefer to be called) with the same brush. The other thing is that this article just comes across as sour grapes from someone whom I assume is not getting the rewards and recognition that they feel they deserve..

      Just many thoughts


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