Contract Recruitment Consultant – Why do you slag us agents off so much

Contract Recruitment Consultant
Contract Recruitment Consultant

Contract Recruitment Consultant

A Contract Recruitment Consultant posted this as Comments after a recent article and we felt it was worth more prominence.

I have to say the view of agents such as myself has left me a little flabbergasted.

I would be the first to admit that there are a few shark agents and agencies out there that give us a bad name, but there are a lot of us that work incredibly hard and put in godforsaken hours in order to help both our clients find the relevant people, and candidates the right job.

We do a lot beyond our call of duty to make sure the end result is positive.

Contract Recruitment Consultant  – Contractors Work Hard

I know that you guys work hard to get where you are and by an large work even harder to deliver projects on time and to a high level of standard but the impression I get is that you think we do not work hard and that we deserve nothing in response for the work we do.

Contractors Should Stop blaming Recruitment consultants.

This is all of course subjective, and dependent on your opinion – which I would be keen to hear.

Do you contractors mot think that we add value?

Thanks – a Contract Recruitment Consultant.

IT Contractor Comment

Well Contractors, what do you think?

Have you been a victim of agency rudeness?

Does a contract recruitment consultant deserve more respect than he, or she, gets from contractors?

Do they work really hard as this contract recruitment comsultant says?

Or, as some contractors say, are they really parasites living off the backs of hard working IT Contractors?

Answers in the Comments section below.

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