Recruitment Agency Trickery – Why do we still have Agency Dirty Tricks?

Recruitment Agency Trickery
Recruitment Agency Trickery

Recruitment Agency Trickery

Why are recruiters still able to get away with the same old recruitment agency trickery that they have been getting away with for years? A contractor asks this question.

An article appeared on recently called ‘Top Ten Tricks Played by Agents on Contractors’. It got a very large response both in terms of number of reads and replies from contractors and agents.

Both REC and Atsco have Codes of Conduct for abuses by their members.

However, although many contractors stated that a lot of the abuses were quite common, no one does much about it.

New Agency Dirty Trick
New Agency Dirty Trick on IT Contractor

So we have a situation where there is a Code of Conduct, the abuses take place, but nobody reports them.


It‘s possibly because contractors don‘t know about it, or they don‘t trust agents to regulate themselves.

Lack of Trust Between Contractors and Agents

As contractors are unlikely to trust an association of agents as much, why don’t IPSE instigate a process that brings abuses to the attention of Apsco and REC?

IPSE could first agree with those bodies what is acceptable or not. Tey could then ask contractors to contact them when the Code of Conduct is abused.

IPSE could represent individual contractors in front of Apsco and REC more effectively than they could themselves. It might even be a way of getting people to join IPSE if they get the protection of IPSE when they are abused by agencies.

Working Closely with Apsco and REC

They are working closely with Apsco and REC in other areas. Why not in this one? Are they afraid of upsetting them in case they don‘t get their support in other areas?

Agency Dirty Tricks
Agency Dirty Tricks played on IT Contractors

I don‘t see why those organisations would mind as they set up the Codes of Conduct in the first place.

Very often the management of the companies don‘t know the bad reputation that some of their rogue agents are getting them. There has got to be some change here, and some accountability, and IPSE are the best people to remove those irritations from contractors, and honest agents -who are in the majority.

IPSE have had successes before. With their organisation and clout, I‘m sure they could do a good job here too.

We need to stop all this recruitment agency trickery.

For more advice on dealing with recruitment agency trickery click on Contractor Recruitment Agencies.

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