Recruiters Excuses – What’s the biggest one they use for not calling back?

Recruiters excuses
Recruiters excuses

Recruiters Excuses

How many recruiters excuses have you heard for why they don’t call you back?

We got sent this Press Release by someone wanting to get Agencies to outsource some of their work. We have published a previous Press Release from this crowd. However, we thought it was worth looking at it in more detail.

The answer, it seems, to the question in the headline is below here as well as the supposed solution.

Press Release

A) I’m too busy resourcing for the vacancies I already have!

To overcome this problem UK Recruiters now have the opportunity to take
advantage of the offshore (India) outsourcing phenomena.

From as little as £4.00 an hour UK Recruiters can now outsource their:

1. CV Searching (Jobsite/Planet/Total/Monster etc)
2. CV Screening (Advertising Response)
3. Head Hunt Research
4. CV Processing / Data Entry

To India’s first specialist Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Centre managed and run by UK Recruiters based in India.

The majority of UK Recruiters are employed for their sales skills, so
why is it that a resent study revealed that UK Recruiters spend in
excess of 60% of their working day on activities that are considered

ITContractor Comment

It is one of the main complaints of contractors that agencies do not keep contractors or employees abreast of the situation when they submit their CVs to a company. There are just so many recruiters excuses for not doing so.

Indeed agents seem almost a little irritated that you‘ve called them to ask if there is any information as to whether the company wants to see you, or whether you‘ve got the job or not after you‘ve been to the interview.

They say ‘We‘ll call you when we‘ve got news’.

Call When Good News

Of course we all know that they only call when they have good news. If they don‘t call you‘re to assume that the company doesn‘t want to see you, or you don‘t have the job.

However, it is a bit soul destroying waiting every day for calls that may never come. That’s especially if you are at your financial wits‘ end.

There does seem to be a major problem here. These guys are offering to solve it by offfshoring the administrative side and allowing agencies do what they do best, i.e. sell.

When contractors or employees call up they could then be told by someone at the Indian call centre that they don‘t have the job. Perhaps the Indian call centre might even call them first to let them know that they haven‘t got the job.

However, this looks like the typical way in for Indian companies to a particular market. They are like the camel who just wants to get a bit more of itself into the tent.

CV Searching

Let‘s look at what they are offering to do:-

1) First of all they are going to do the CV searching on Jobsite, CWJobs etc. This means that they will be able to compile a database of relevant CVs for each of their agency clients – and an even more massive and comprehensive one for themselves, especially as they are offering to do the data entry themselves

2) They can then do the CV screening in response to an advert. This helps to separate the wheat from the chaff for agencies when they advertise. This helps the agency pick out the best candidates for particular jobs. It helps hone the database of the offshore agency helper. As they are screening for particular ads they can then compile themselves a database of companies and clients who are likely to be looking for contractors or employees and what skills that they have at that company

3) An extra facility that they have is Head Hunt research. This could be very useful when identifying the movers and shakers and who are likely to want to hire staff in the future

Concentrate on Selling Contractors

So what does everybody get out of this?

Well each individual agency customer will get a lot of the grunt work taken off their hands so that they can concentrate on selling contractors and employees.

The offshore agency BPO company could potentially have a database of all the contractors that all of their clients put together have. They could, potentially, have the biggest database of contractors and employees in the British Isles.

Also, they would have a database of all the employers and clients that all their agency customers put together have. They could potentially have the most comprehensive list of companies and the contacts within a company who may be looking for contractors or employees in the British Isles too.

That‘s a strong position to be in.

Sell Information to Other Agencies

So what could the do with this?

1) Perhaps nothing – just sit on it

2) They could sell the information to other UK agencies, e.g. leads etc

3) They could sell the information on leads to Indian companies who want to be able to sell their own employees into UK companies at cheap prices

4) They could use the information themselves to become one of the largest resourcers in the UK, either using UK contractors and employees, but far more likely much cheaper Indians who have the same skills

Earning Money from Recruitment Agencies

This could potentially be a Trojan Horse in our midst, which is earning money from agencies at the same time as they are compiling the data to be able to replace them, or at least compete with them in the marketplace.

We don‘t know what the intentions are of this particular company, but we do know that the potential is there for them to scoop the UK jackpot.

This appears to be just one more way that our industry is to be sold down the river, this time by agencies who will take a short term bottom-line view on this.

IPSE and Contractors

Perhaps IPSE, and contractors and employees in general, should have a policy on something like this and not deal with companies who operate like this – but of course contractors and employees who are desperate to work again are not going to stand on high moral principles as they may have short term objectives too, like getting the mortgage paid and the Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise off their backs.

Perhaps the new site that lists companies who have offshore outsourced could also list those agencies who have transferred their back office work offshore as well.

I don‘t really know what the answer is, but I can foresee that this could be a potentially huge problem sometime down the line.

With all the information that this company will be able to assemble, Indian companies will have all their pieces in place for a massive assault on the UK market, perhaps when the EU offer to liberalise the IT labour market gets implemented.

Perhaps we should just put up with recruiters excuses.