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Future is Bright for IT Contractors
Future is Bright for IT Contractors in the UK

Bright Future for IT Contractors

The future is bright for IT Contractors in the UK.

Companies have come to the conclusion that there is nothing that they can spend their money on that will have a greater effect on their bottom line than spending on IT.

A recent survey showed that 19% of all IT Investment takes place in the UK – which is astonishing for a country with less than 1% of the world’s population.

Better Off as an IT Contractor
Better Off as an IT Contractor or not

IT Contractors Best Return On Investment

Another survey asked 3,000 companies which factor in spending had the best Return On Investment.

Almost unanimously they replied that it was spending on IT.

Indeed the Return On Investment (ROI) is £4 for every £1 spent on IT.

Maybe we are not asking for enough when they make so much on us.

Tell critics that next time people make smart remarks about contractors.

Say something like ‘If you think we get a lot of money you should see how much the company makes on us. They make quadruple their money on us’.

IT Contractor Cutbacks

OK, we all know that they held up spending on IT during the last downturn. The reason for that though was that it was an easy area to save money on.

IT and Marketing have now become the two areas where the budget can be chopped most easily when a downturn happens – and contractors are very easy to lop off.

During the worst of the bad downturn of 2001-2003, there were very many people who thought that the good times in IT had gone forever.

IT Contractor Road to Riches - how to make lots of money
IT Contractor Road to Riches – how to make lots of money

Extra Money for Investment in IT

However, the fact that companies believe that this is the best use of any extra money that they get for investment would get the best returns if they spend it on IT, gives us great hope for the future.

Once Time-To-Market has become the main business driver again rather than Cost (resulting in the current cost cutting in IT departments), they will get the money out for major IT projects to start bringing them greater market share in an expanding market.

Although there is a bit of gloom at the moment, things are suddenly starting to look a lot brighter in the IT market for the future.

The future is bright, the future is IT.

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