Umbrella Company Owners get MBE for Services to Freelancers

Damian and Helen Broughton of Danbro
Damian and Helen Broughton of Danbro win MBEs

Umbrella Company Owners Get MBE

Damian and Helen Broughton, umbrella company owners, have been given MBEs in the New Years Honours List by the Queen for their ‘tireless commitment to the freelance community’.

They set up Danbro many years ago.

They have been honoured for their work with the self employed, local community and small businesses.

It’s nice to see someone in the contracting indsutry get something.

We’re usually left out.

MBE Award a Major Surprise

It seems that the award came as a major surprise to them. They said it was a “shot out of the blue”. They modestly said “If you could make a difference to someone’s life, why wouldn’t you?”

They founded the Accountancy / Umbrella Company business in 1999 – exactly the same year as IR35 came onto the statute book.

They are based in Lytham in Lancashire.

They have more than 7,500 contractor clients making them one of the biggest in the umbrella company business.

They recently took over Gabem, another umbrella company.

They have more than 200 people working for them.

Community Service

It seems that the Broughtons do a lot of work in the Lytham community giving time and money to community projects there.

Said MD Damian says: “It’s unbelievable to have had our names put forward and we are very honoured to have been considered.

“We’ve always worked hard to support our customers, partners, staff and the communities we live and work in and we reinvest our profits in them. We’re happy to be able to make a difference and to get this recognition is fantastic.”

Helen Broughton and the MBE

Damian and Helen Broughton of Danbro
Damian and Helen Broughton of Danbro win MBEs

Said Director Helen, “It’s a bit unreal but we’re absolutely delighted to be getting this honour.

“We’ve always had a great affinity for the people we work with and the community we live in. We are both Lancashire bred and we love the people here – they are great fun and really down to earth.

“This honour is for everyone that works with us and we feel very lucky to be able to give something back.” Comment

Danbro used to advertise with us, off and on, for years.

It was Damian I had contact with and found him very easy to deal with and straightforward.

Congratulations to them both.

I hadn’t realise that they took an active part in the local community.

IT Contractor Confession

I have to make a confession, though.

Despite doing business with Danbro and Damian for years, I had no idea what he looked like till I saw the photo above.

We’d never met. All business was done by email or phone.

I had another umbrella company advertiser whom I met for the first time after he had been advertising with us for 8 years.

That’s the internet age for you.

Well done Umbrella Company Owners!



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