Foul Mouthed PCG Bully Boys – Top tax consultant Kate Cottrell attacks them

PCG Bully Boys
PCG Bully Boys

PCG Bully Boys

Kate Cottrell has attacked, what she calls, the foul mouthed PCG bully boys.

The Professional Contractors Group rushed out a Press Release late Friday in response to comments from top tax consultant Kate Cottrell. It said that, amongst other things, her accusation that they did not attend a meeting that she mentioned it didn‘t take place. It said that Kate had not attended some IR36 Forum meetings herself.

According to Kate as regards the meeting that ‘didn‘t take place‘, ‘I confirm that I attended this meeting alongside three from the accountancy professional institutes. However, the majority of attendees were from other organizations well known for representing and defending freelancers. They included Qdos Consulting, CCH Wolters Kluwer, Abbey Tax. I understand that Crawford Temple from Professional Passport was invited but unable to attend.

‘Formal minutes are expected to be published’.

Bad Language

As regards accusations from the PCG that Kate didn‘t attend some IR35 Forum meetings herself she states ‘Yes I missed the second IR35 Forum sub-meeting, organized and hosted by PCG.

‘My reason for not attending this meeting is because of the conduct of the first meeting. I felt that I was being attacked for holding a different view. So, I was not at all comfortable with the frequent use of bad language’.

Missed IR35 Forum Meeting

She only missed one other because of a medical emergency.

She said, ‘I also missed one formal IR35 Forum meeting owing to a medical emergency.

‘I understand that this meeting entailed going over the business tests and the scenarios once again. I had already provided a comprehensive paper on these subjects to HMRC so this was not a critical meeting for me’.

This type of intimidatory behaviour, if it happened as Kate says, doesn‘t look very good for the PCG.

This is how not to win friends and influence people.

What Kate calls the PCG bully boys should watch their step.