Timid Companies Who Make All Contractors Inside IR35 To Lose Out Big Time

All Contractors Inside IR35
All Contractors Inside IR35

All Contractors Inside IR35

Some companies are saying that they will make all contractors inside IR35 after the implementation of the IR35 reforms in the private sector. Some organisations in the public sector did the same. They had a blanket ban on limited company using contractors.

According to a survey of companies by Brookson Legal, 59% of companies are considering doing this. Indeed 73% of companies are saying that the IR35 reforms will affect the number of contractors they hire.

Questions Contractors Will ask About IR35 Blanket Ban

  • How Do Companies justify having all contractors inside IR35?
  • What is the effect of having all contractors inside IR35?
  • Are the most expensive contractors really the cheapest?
  • Which companies will get the best contractors after April 2020?
  • How Will Companies who have all contractors inside IR35 do?

How Do Companies Justify Having All Contractors Inside IR35

Companies justify the blanket ban they are putting on Outside IR35 contractors by saying they must look after their shareholders’ interests. There may be penalties for them if they judge their contractors to be outside IR35 and they are later judged to be inside IR35.

Its true that they have responsibility to their shareholders. And in the short term they may be right. However, in the long run they are likely to get the not so good contractors with the better contractors going to companies who are willing to let them operate outside IR35 when they are indeed outside IR35.

What is the Effect of Having All Contractors Inside IR35

Tom De Marco, the Quality Gurus, used to do weekend code competitions for IT developers. He found that those developers in the A Quadrant are 10 times more productive than those in the D Quadrant.

So, those companies who do make all contractors inside IR35 are are likely to get their contractors from the D Quadrant and C Quadrant rather than those in the A or B Quadrants as they are effectively paying them less. This will hit profitability and their shareholders.

Companies tend to think of contractors as extra bodies and that you can easily replace one contractor with another. Tom De Marco’s coding competitions show that this is far from being the case.

Are the Most Expensive Contractors Actually the Cheapest

I remember the President of football team Real Madrid once saying that the most expensive players were actually the cheapest. This was two years after signing Christiano Ronaldo for £85m. Real Madrid had sold more than £85m worth of Ronaldo shirts in that time. So, in just 2 years they had earned back his transfer fee.

Its the same with contractors. An IT contractor earning £600 a day is likely to be in the A Quadrant. One earning £300 a day is more likely to be in the D Quadrant. The A Quadrant contractor may cost the company twice as much. However, the A Quadrant contractor will be ten times as productive according to Tom De Marco.

And the A Quadrant contractors will all go to companies who do not operate a blanket ban on outside IR35 contractors.

Which Companies Will Get the Best Contractors After April 2020

The D Quadrant contractors are more likely to end up in companies who force contractors to pay much more tax when in reality they would be outside IR35.

So companies who intend to operate blanket bans are not looking after their shareholders’ interests.

How Will Companies Who Have All Contractors Inside IR35 Do

In the end, companies who continue to use contractors who are outside IR35 will be more profitable and are more likely to survive and thrive – and use more contractors.

Those who don’t will lose market share and profitability to those who do. However, this will take some time to pan out. So, in the short term contractors are likely to be hammered till the market economy ensures the survival of the fittest (and the smartest).

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