This was a real filthy trick by a recruitment agency – IT Contractor

Filthy Trick
Filthy Trick by an agency on a contractor

News of this filthy trick by an agency was sent in by a reader.

Filthy Trick

I don‘t know if anyone else here has come across anything like this.

It really turned my stomach and made me lose any respect that I had for agencies.

I sent in my CV to an IT agency. I was coming to the end of a contract. However, I thought that I had a good chance of being renewed but it was better to be safe than sorry.

The agency asked me questions about where I was working and said that he would need to get a reference if they sent me for an interview and I passed it.

Agency Dirty Trick
Agency dirty trick on IT Contractor

They said they wouldn‘t use it till then, so I gave him my boss‘s name and number.

I happen to sit close to my boss in work.

Later that day he got a phone call.

Phone Call from Agency

At the end of it he said to me ‘Looking for another job, are we’ with a smile.

I blustered as much as I could.

‘So, I hear that you‘ve been a naughty boy at some other places that you‘ve worked and you‘ve left them a bit in the lurch’.

I didn‘t say anything to this as I was completely taken aback. I had always left my other contracts on good terms and I feel that I‘d done a good job.

Luckily my boss roared with laughter at this point.

Slagged Me Off

It seemed that the agent had called my boss with the number I‘d given him, slagged me off to him, and then offered him another contractor with the same skills but who was considerably cheaper and who the agent said ‘was much better’ than I was.

New Agency Dirty Trick
New Agency Dirty Trick on IT Contractor

I did manage to get renewed.

Luckily my manager was a contractor too and had a healthy scepticism when it came to agencies.

I must confess that I had never had any trouble with agencies before in my short contracting career but this one really opened up my eyes.

I don‘t know whether this filthy trick is a common practice or whether I was just unlucky.

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    1. I had this happen to me in 2001 when I was working in Holland. Agent called with what turned out to be a ghost job and subsequently called my manager to inform him I would be leaving soon and they had a suitable replacement. Unfortunately for the agent, I was sitting at my manager’s desk when he called so I gave him a dressing down and reported him to manager and to Jobserve where he had also advertised the fake job.

      I recently had an even worse experience which I will share when a have a spare moment.


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