Complaining Contractors – There are a lot of Whinging contractors

Complaining Contractors complain
Whinging Contractors complain

Complaining Contractors

A reader sent us this, about complaining contractors, in response to our article ‘Unemployed IT Horror Story – in the scrap yard at 31’.

Willing to Work for Lower rates

Good morning

The IT industry here in the UK is pretty tough these days but jobs are there for the best and for those who are willing to work for lower rates.

I have found that the days or regular employment at over £100 per hour are gone but let‘s face it, that sort of money is not really realistic.

In the UK today a contractor with some experience can earn £30 – £60 per hour. That equates to an annual gross income of £60k – £120k which is probably equivalent to a salaried employee earning £60k – £120k per year.

A contractor at the top of the tree can easily earn £500 – £800 per day.

The jobs are still there. I have one.

More Competition for Contract Roles

It is harder to get interviews and there is more competition but you have to persevere. The big money is still available but only for the larger IT companies who charge out their staff as Consultants.

In these cases it is not the Consultant who receives the lion’s share of the fee.

This article was negative and whinging. Therefore I can easily understand why this guy is in his current position

IT Contractor Comment

What do readers think?

Do contractors complain too much about their lot when they have the opportunity to earn so much?

Or do you think they are justified in their complaints.

Comments in the section below please.