The Worst Problem with Agencies

IT Agencies Opinion Poll
IT Agencies Opinion Poll - Their Worst problem

Problem With Agencies

Contractors are becoming more and more frustrated with the practices of some agencies, according to a poll in ITContractor.

When asked the question, ‘What‘s the Worst Problem with Agencies’, 30% said that it was that they advertise jobs that don‘t exist.

This is a source of increasing frustration with contractors.

In a sign of current market conditions, a further 25% said that the worst thing was that many agents never return calls.

Problems With Agencies – Big Cuts

Surprisingly ‘Taking a high percentage of your rate’ only ranks third with 21%.

A further 15% are frustrated by being sent for job interviews for which they are not qualified.

Another 13% don‘t like the practice of some agencies of sending out their CVs without their permission.

There has always been a friction between contractors and contractor agencies but it would appear that this frustration is growing.

Agency Tricks

Contractors have always had problems with agencies. Agencies are up to all the tricks in the book.

They cold call contractors asking them for references when they don’t even have a contract available for them. All they want to know is the names of companies and managers who hire contractors so that they can call them themselves.

An even dirtier trick that they play on IT Contractors is to call contractors asking when they are going to become available.

All they really want to know is when their job is going to become available.

Cold Calling Agencies

When it is near the time when an IT Contractor is up for renewal, the manager will get a call from this cold calling agency with a contractor with similar skills.

The manager may decide to take this contractor rather than renew the contractor who gave away his, or her, availability date.

This is why IT Contractors have a problem with agencies.

They are up to all the tricks and some of them are not very pleasant.