The story of the fight against IR35


Fight Against IR35

The fight against IR35 has been going on since 1999.

A new book has just been published called The Freedom to Freelance by Philip Ross. He was at the centre of the storm as IR35 broke. The Professional Contractors group was set up because of it to fight it.

It charts the story of the PCG and the fight against IR35.

Philip was a founder member of the PCG and their first Director of External Affairs.

He compares it to other revolutions from bold beginnings when contractors were united behind a common enemy, IR35, to the final stages when he says that the revolution turned on the revolutionaries.

Birth of the PCG

Philip tells the story of the birth of the PCG after IR35 came on the statute books in 1999. He documents the battle with the HMRC over IR35 in the High Court and in the low courts.

He tells the story about the mobilisation of thousands of contractors over the issues of IR35 and Work Permits.

They scored a great victory when the House of Lords rejected IR35 and pressurised Newsnight into making an apology on air for getting its facts wrong.

Furthermore, they took the Government to the High Court in this heady journey and to the Court of Appeal. They grew the organisation from zero to thousands in just weeks.

IR35 Insight

Philip‘s book gives us an insight into the revolution and those that led it.

According to Philip the revolution turned in on itself as the early leaders were replaced by more establishment figures who attempted to rewrite history.

Philip Ross said: “It is a great story that needs to be told, it is not just about the fight against IR35, but it is a story of an on-line revolution.

“It is as much a human drama as it is about anything else’.

Airbrushed Out

He continued, “That is part of my motivation. The other part is to put the record straight about what happened and how it happened.

‘The founders and the early days of the PCG seemed to have been air brushed out of the history. So, I wanted to paint them back in again.

‘Given all the recent news about IR35, it is interesting to note the complaint about the PCG then was that we fought too hard.”

Great Read

It sounds like a great read. It is sure to foment controversy, especially with the later and current leadership of the PCG. They are not noted for their sense of humour.

I might even buy one myself if I can‘t talk Philip into giving me a complimentary copy.

Copies are available, price £22.50 from:
A Freedom to Freelance

There is also a blogspot with further information on:
A Freedom to Freelance Blogspot

Meanwhile the fight against IR35 continues.