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Contract Interview Problems
Contract Interview Problems

Contract Interview Problems

Well, here we look at some contract interview problems.

Many IT workers, whether contractor or permanent, complain when they go to an interview that they cannot answer many of the technical questions that interviewers ask them, or give them in a test. That’s because they do not use the particular technical components interviewers ask them in questions, in their normal daily work.

In fact they often say that someone just out of university, or just off a course, with no practical experience, would be far more likely to pass the technical test or answer the technical questions, than they would.

They are, in fact, quite correct.

Someone doing a course learns the particular area very broadly. However, someone using it in practice only uses a portion of the technical area. So, he, or she, remembers that part and not the parts he or she never uses.

So, it‘s pretty daft to use the broad based set of technical questions then, isn‘t it?

And yet so many companies do this.

Show-Off Interviewers

There is the other problem at interviews. That’s where one of the interviewers using the interview as an opportunity to show their superior technical knowledge. They ask questions about the technical subject that people seldom use.

Once again, only someone just off a course would be his equal of and be able to answer his questions. Perhaps they are not long off a course themselves. Maybe they want to impress the boss who may also be at the interview.

So how do you get to hire those with a wealth of experience in a technical area? How do you get to separate those who have only done a course on the subject and those who have a wealth of experience in a subject?

You could look at their CV to see how much experience that they have. However, if someone works at a place for five years where they used a certain technical skill, and they have only done a course in it plus a few programs, they could tailor their CV to put 5 years worth of that skill on it.

They might even have used it very sparingly over that 5 year period, but have gone on a refresher course recently.

What Can Be Done About Contract Interview Problems?

So what can be done about this? How can you overcome these contract interview problems?

We give advice to both interviewers and candidates about how to over come this in our article ‘The Killer Interview Question That Only the Good Can Answer‘.