The Perfect IT Contract

Perfect IT Contract
Perfect IT Contract - A contractor names his

Perfect IT Contract

Like many IT contractors, I have often given time to working out what the perfect IT contract would be. Here are some factors that would take an IT contract high up in my estimation:-

Perfect IT Contract Location

The location would have to be excellent.

I‘ve worked in a nice setting outside Paris as well as in Holland and in Germany. However, one of the best contracts I‘ve had was in visiting all the nuclear sites in England and Wales for Nuclear Electric to take their requirements.

All their power stations are in beauty spots in places like Snowdonia, Anglesey, Romney Marsh etc. A few days spent at the local hotel on full expenses was very nice.

Pick a Spot

However, I think if I would be able to pick a spot, it would be somewhere where there was a lot of sun, sea and sand. Somewhere like Barbados or in the South Seas would be nice.

It is also important for the perfect IT Contract, that it would be very cheap to live there. So that I could save most of my IT contract money for when I went home. However, I could still live like a king eating the best foods at the best restaurants and going to the best nightspots.


Flexitime would be a must here, in a perfect IT contract. One wouldn‘t want to spend the bulk of one‘s time watching it out the window.

I would suggest that 9 o‘clock to 1:30 pm would be fine. Then I would do a two and a half hour stint between 5 o‘clock in the evening till 7:30 pm.

That way you could have the afternoon off at the beach or to have a very extended lunch. Or you could have a swim in the swimming pool at the house where you live (at very cheap rent). Then you would go back for your short stint in the evening.

Leaving work at 7:30 pm, you could get yourself something to eat and then prepare for the evening‘s revelry. They would be very understanding at work if you were out late and came in late every so often, as that is the kind of people they are – fairly easy going.


At this location, they would have been so desperate to get the person that they needed, with the skills that you have, that they had to pay well over the odds for it. Perhaps twice as much as you would get in Britain.

As the country is so cheap, as I said earlier, you would be able to bank most of this.

Of course, they would worry that you would leave (with your skills) before you completed the project.

They would, of course, have a hefty bonus built into your contract to make sure that you stayed to the end of the project.

You might even build in performance bonuses where you would get a heft tax-free lump of money every time you passed a milestone on time on your part of the project.


It is in your best interests that the people are fairly easy going. None of them would be too interested in knocking themselves out. Hopefully they would not be of the highest standard anyway. That makes it a lot easier for you to both make tons of money, have a good time. You’d stand a great chance of being kept on, as they consider you a bit of a guru.

It‘s also important that the people are friendly and want to socialize with you. They’d show you all the best spots on the island or the country.

They would invite youback to their homes to sample some local cooking, topped with some of the local beverage.

It is important that the place is not too touristy, as you want to have some novelty value.

This is important so that the guys feel privileged to introduce you to their friends, and the girls feel privileged to be seen around with you.


The project, on the perfect IT Contract, should be such that, not only will you be able to use your own skills, but you are able to pick up very valuable skills as well. In fact your client or employer will make sure you get all the training you need.

The deadlines are fairly relaxed, mainly because the people are fairly relaxed, not highly skilled. The management would like to enjoy life as well.

Hopefully the senior management are remote, at least in another country, and preferably on another continent, and don‘t get to visit too often.

It‘s even better if they ask you to make up your own schedule and timetable. You are the only one with the skills to be able to estimate for work in your area.

Work Sharing

If you happen to have been made Project Leader or Project Manager on the project, make sure that you appoint some keen young person who wants to get ahead as your deputy in order ‘to train someone up from the company on leading projects with that skill’.

This person can do most of the grunt work for you like tracking progress, and putting all the schedules onto PMW or MS Project, which is a bit of a bind. You can send them around each week asking about progress.

Note:- Any of those people who have acted as my deputy on projects, and who are members of as well, should not read anything too much into this.

Anyone Else?

There were a few other factors that I could have written about as well that would make for the perfect IT Contract, but I‘m feeling a bit relaxed now, and am going to have some breakfast followed by a nice walk along the shore. It‘s a lovely day outside.

If any other IT Contractors have any ideas, or other factors, about what would make the perfect IT Contract, or have even worked on projects in nice spots that would make us all jealous, please write to us and we may publish it – or just comment below.

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