Perfect Recruitment Agent – the qualities needed to be One

Perfect Recruitment Agent
Perfect Recruitment Agent

Perfect Recruitment Agent Qualities

What is the perfect recruitment agent for contractors?

There are a few dirty tricksters around but there are also some good agents too. Whilst respecting their right to make money, here are some of the qualities that we think that would make the perfect agent.

Characteristics of the Perfect Recruitment Agent

The Perfect Recruitment Agent would:-

1. Be credible enough to be able to get you work with his or her clients either on his or her ‘say so‘ or with just a ‘yes or no‘ interview where the client makes up his mind if you are the right person for their environment.

2. Be knowledgeable enough about your skills to put you forward to jobs where you have a chance

3. Be able to help you to amend your CV to show you in the best light.

4. Communicate with you, somehow, at each stage of the process. How many agents say ‘I‘ll contact you if I have and news’ but only do so if they have good news?

5. Give you excellent feedback about why you haven‘t got a particular contract so that you can perform better next time.

Agency Margins

6. Tell you what his or her margin is before sending out your CV – and telling the truth about that.

7. Give you a good insight into the company and those interviewing you as well as what the interview will be like.

8. Be able to get you a good rate due to his or her credibility with the client.

9. Help you ease your way in at a new contract location by telling the contractors that he or she already has there to look out for you.

10. Provide you with feedback as to how you are doing at the client site and what they are looking for from you.

Negotiate Contractor Renewal

11. Negotiate your Renewal with at least a month to go on your current contract.

12. Negotiate a good rise for you on renewal of your contract, letting you keep most, if not all, of it.

13. Make sure you are first in the queue when renewals come, by keeping the client ‘˜sweet‘ so that you get a long stint at the company.

14. Search vigorously for a new contract for you when your current client no longer has any work for you. Far too many agencies give you no more priority than anyone else even if you have done a great job for them in the past. Too many just do a Keyword Search when a requirement comes in. Too few are proactive in looking for new work for people who have done a great job for them

15. Keep in touch with you in the future, even if you are not working through them, when other suitable opportunities came up.

If other readers have any other suggestions please put them in the Comments and maybe then we can get a definitive list. This may be of use to agent readers here.

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