Fully matching CVs – the New Curse


Fully Matching CVs

Have you noticed how over the last few years Job specs have become far more specific about the skills and experience required? Recruiters today are looking for fully matching CVs.

They are selecting perfect CVs rather than selecting quality people.

What does it mean to select a ‘perfect CV’?

Well, it means the candidate search is limited to those few who have fully matching CVs. There is no reason whatsoever to assume that these people will be of higher quality than those who‘s CVs are not a perfect match.

Few Fully Matching CVs

None at all!

In fact, the strategy of finding perfect matches limits the opportunity to identify quality people to those few who have perfect CVs.

It also means that there is a higher probability that the candidate with a perfect CV is in fact lying on that CV in order to make it perfect. Nobody has a ‘perfect CV’.

The Reason

Why does it happen?

Well obviously, with dozens of applications for every job, a CV matching process can only become more specific.

Also, the more agents there are competing for clients, then the greater the tendency that they will view finding perfect CVs will give them competitive advantage.

So fully matching CVs is all being driven by the agents and the way agents work (or don‘t work).

Prefer Quality

If I was an employer I‘d rather have a quality employee than an idiot with a perfectly matching CV, or somebody who‘s lied on it.

So what do agents do to enable them to find quality people?


In truth, they don‘t really care about that.

Agents Don’t Care

It‘s just a matter of what they can sell to their clients.

Agency can’t tell the difference between major skills and minor skills. All they do is a search of their database on the skills that the client has asked for. They then select the candidates with as many of the skills, even if they are minor, that the client has asked for.

If you leave relatively minor skills off your CV, these days, you don’t get work.