Completely matching CVs – The Idiocy of it All

Completely Matching CVs
Completely Matching CVs

Completely Matching CVs

A reader wrote to us about completely matching CVs and his view of them.

Any time an agency is looking to fill a role now, candidates must have a fully matching CV before they even consider them. This is ridiculous.

It used to be that if you had the main skills then they would considered you. Now you have to have even the peripheral skills.

Many of these skills would take you only half a day, or even just a couple of hours, to pick up. However, they consider them just as important as the main skills, which may take ages to pick up and hone.

All Skills Have Equal Importance

It means that all skills have an equal weighting, it seems.

It means that someone who has 10 years experience in a language like C++ or Java but with no SQL, would lose out to someone with 1 year’s experience of C++ and SQL.

This is idiotic.

Illiterate Agencies

Is it because agencies aren’t IT literate and don’t know the difference in importance between the different skills?

Surely the clients know the difference. That’s unless it is HR putting forward the requirement.

HR are taking more to do with the recruitment of contractors now. This means we have people both recruiting and supplying who don’t know the difference between an Oracle Financial and a cheese and pickle sandwich.

What a state of affairs.

No wonder the UK IT industry is in the state it is in when you need completely matching CVs to get any work.

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