The five worst office pests

worst office pests
5 worst office pests

Worst Office Pests

A recent survey of 3,000 places of work in Britain identified the five most annoying types, the worst office pests at work.

1. Ringtone Tony

This is the guy who leaves his mobile phone on the desk to ring and ring when he‘s not there. He is the most despised pest in offices across the country. If he‘s at your work, email him this article

2. The Phantom

This is the guy whose body smells make the toilet a place to be out of bounds for a while after he has been in, and who does the same for lifts

3. The Office Cassanova

This is the guy who is convinced he is God‘s gift to woman and never takes no for an answer. Nothing puts him off, and he can take any amount of rejections without losing his self belief in his own attractiveness

4. The Entertainer

These are the people who see the office as an extension of their leisure time. They have no intention of doing very much work, and they have no intention of letting anyone else do much either.

5. Mr. Muscle

This is the guy who spends all the time in the gym and speaks of little else. He constantly tries to convince others that this is what they should do with their spare time. He tries to make them feel guilty for not doing as he does

ITContractor Comment

I‘ve certainly come across all of these characters in various offices.

There have been others like the guy who had a de-ioniser (or was it ioniser) on his desk at all times, the manager who tries to be one of the boys but just sounds ridiculous, the guy who knows everything and mocks others who don‘t, the girl who flirts with all the guys etc. etc. etc.

I suspect that you may know a few of the worst office pests too.

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