Recruitment Agency Letter – Cheekiest letter from agency I’ve ever seen

Recruitment Agency Letter
Recruitment Agency Letter

Recruitment Agency Letter

A reader sent this recruitment agency letter to us for our perusal. So, we decided to publish it in full

Below is an actual email sent out to contractors from Emma Dawson at Computer Futures. It is quite unbelievable what some unscrupulous agents will do for a lead!

I have, however, protected the specific recipient‘s identity.


Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx

Important Letter from Recruitment Agency

From: “Dawson, Emma” < [email protected]
To: anon
Sent: Monday, June 23, 2003 4:26 PM
Subject: Important! Please do not ignore this!

Hello All!!,

I hope all is well and your job searches are all having positive

As I‘m sure you are all aware, although there is a definite change in the market since this time last year, it has unfortunately been a slower start than we all would have hoped. I have therefore racked my brains for an idea that will hopefully generate and create new jobs for all of you.

Help a Recruitment Agency Appeal

I am aware that there are jobs on the market at the moment, but unfortunately I’m unable to reach every single one of them. So I thought that by you helping me out with information of who you know is recruiting, it will undoubtedly open up new opportunities for everyone. I am hoping that this will have a knock on effect. If I am made aware of all of the jobs on the market at the moment, we can work together to get more interviews for you.

If you feel that this would be of benefit to you, could you forward me on, details of where you are interviewing, the geographical area the company is in, and if possible the manager you are interviewing with.

I think with everyone‘s help, this will definitely make a difference. I look forward to hearing form you,

Kindest regards,

Emma Dawson

Computer Futures Solutions
[email protected]

IT Contractor Comment

So, what do our readers think of this recruitment agency letter? Is this appeal something that they think they should contribute to?

Answers in the comments section below.