The biggest fear of all for IT agencies

biggest fear
biggest fear

Biggest Fear – Competition from Rivals

According to an annual REC report the biggest fear that agencies suffer from is in the Competition from rivals.

This biggest fear is understandable as it is a very cut-throat business. Often contractors misunderstand the reasons behind the agency ‘˜dirty tricks‘ that we often highlight.

This is where agencies pretend that they can get IT contractors jobs in order get information from them about live leads, companies who take contractors etc.

However, the net effect of this is neutral for contractors. For every IT contractor who loses a contract, or doesn‘t get renewed because of this, another one gains from this.

In other words it doesn‘t affect the number of contracts available. Contractors are equally likely to gain from these ‘dirty tricks‘ as lose by them. That is agencies’ biggest fear.

Real Losers

No, the real losers here are the other agencies who, if they get a juicy opportunity taken off them, are going to lose financially.

This really is a dog-eat-dog industry where the main winners and casualties are other agencies which is why it is agencies’ biggest fear.

Contractors often complain about the activities of agencies. However, the good agencies are the ones who bear the most pain from their dodgier brethren.

Ruins Things

It ruins things for them in so many ways.

Firstly they may lose a good opportunity due to another agency hearing about it through dishonest and deceitful interrogation of contractors.

Secondly, it makes their relationship with contractors that much more difficult. That’s because they encounter suspicious and even surly contractors – who have made that way by the dodgy agents around.

Thirdly the barrow boy agents can give clients a bad idea of the whole industry by their activities.

In fact, the people who would most like to string up these dodgy agents would be their more honest brethren.