Agency Workers Regulations Benefits contractors will get

Agency Workers Regulations Benefits
Agency Workers Regulations Benefits

Agency Workers regulations Benefits

So, what are the Agency Workers Regulations Benefits to contractors?

The EU and the Government are about to give contractors a whole load of benefits whether we want them or not.

So, what are these benefits?

Equal Treatment

According to the Government’s website:-

‘Equal treatment under the Directive as reflected in the Regulations relates to basic working and employment conditions, those being: pay; working hours; overtime; breaks; rest periods; holidays; and access to training and collective facilities, such as childcare.

AWR Changed Everything
Computer Workers and Agency Workers regulations

So what does it not include?

Pension Provision and Occupational Sick Pay

Equal treatment does not include pension provision and occupational sick pay, nor will the Regulations change the employment status of temporary agency workers.

Also, just because you are operating through a limited company doesn’t mean to say that you are outside the Agency Workers regulations.

It is only if you are genuinely working as a business on your own account.

Alarm bells will go up here for contractors.

IR35 Worries for Contractors

They remember where they have heard this before.

Yes, it’s our old friend IR35.

It looks as if our industry is about to enter yet another legal minefield that is not clearly defined and will be settled by thousands of investigations, court cases and by special and general commissioners.

It’s deja  vu all over again as Yogi Berra once said.

So, these are the Agency Workers Regulations Benefits as regards IT Contractors.