The 7 worst types of client to work for

Worst Types of Client
Worst Types of Client to work with

Worst Types of Client

The worst types of Client do not seem to think that contractors need motivation and in many cases they actually demotivate them.

How many times have you been on contract where things are made difficult for you?

Your Worst Types of Client

So here are 7 types of clients that it is hell to work for:-

1. Those that make it clear from the start that there is a caste system

with the management at the top, the permanent employees next, with the IT Contractors being the Untouchables.

2. Those that say ‘I could never work just for the money

the way you guys do’.

Most clients and companies forget that contractors need to be motivated too. They don‘t work for money on a day to day basis.

Contractors Getting Renewed
Contractors Getting Renewed by clients

They take the work for money, just like the permies.

Managers are usually the biggest de-motivators of IT contractors, especially when they say things like ‘you shouldn‘t need to be motivated when you earn the money you do’.

3. Those that keep a beady eye

on the people that work for them, to make sure that everybody is working every minute of every day.

It increases the stress on workers who already have deadlines. Everyone needs a mental break every so often to be fully effective, but they have to hide this from their dumb employer or client.

4. Those that ban IT contractors from any benefits

e.g. using the Sports and Social Club facilities, the staff canteen and going to the Christmas Party.

If they let them come to the Christmas Party they charge them the full whack if not a bit more.

5. The serial sackers

– those that get a buzz from sacking a contractor every so often to prove their toughness.

Sackings and Rate Cuts
IT Contractor Sackings and Rate Cuts

It has to be for a reasonably minor offence, like reading a newspaper five minutes after lunchtime is over and it must be on the spot ‘to encourage the others’.

The contractor sacked must be escorted off the site.

6. Those that complain loudly about contractors

who leave every day at five o‘clock.

He or she, of course, is unwilling to pay any overtime. Everybody wants something for nothing. You never meet any who lets you regularly leave early whilst being paid your full rate.

If they don‘t think it is worth paying for your time, there‘s no reason for you to think it is worth giving it.

7. Those that tell you during a downturn

that your rate, as with the other contractors, will be cut by 10% from Monday, and that any contractor who doesn‘t agree will be laid off.

Even worse are those that pull the stunt a second time just a few months later.

I don‘t know if our readers have come across any of these ‘monsters‘ but I‘ve come across all of them.

What are the worst types of client that you have come across?

Are there any more that should be added to the list?

Add in the Comments below.

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