The 4 main future opportunities for IT Professionals

superb main future opportunities for IT Professionals
superb future opportunities for IT professionals

Main Future Opportunities for IT Professionals

Gartner published this in 2005 about the main future opportunities for IT Professionals. They surmised what life would be like for IT Professionals in 2015. So, as it is nearly upon us so what you think as regards their prophesying skills.

Main Future Opportunities for IT Professionals in 2015

By 2015, therefore, Gartner foresees the traditional IT field splintering into four distinct domains of expertise:

  • Technology infrastructure and services
  • Information design and management
  • Process design and management
  • Relationship and sourcing management

1. Technology infrastructure and services

Opportunities in technology infrastructure and services, the foundation of the IT profession, will grow in service, hardware and software vendors, many in developing economies, and wane in user companies. However, network design will remain strong everywhere.

2. Information design and management

Business intelligence, online consumer services, work enhancement initiatives, search-and-retrieval practices and collaboration all will grow in user companies, systems integrators and consulting companies.

Also, linguistics, language skills, business and cultural knowledge, and knowledge management will be fertile ground.

3. Process design and management

IT professionals can look at process opportunities from three angles: competitive business processes, design of process automation and operational processes.

The first, therefore, will be the “sweet spot” for companies; the second, for software vendors; the third, for outsourcing vendors.

4. Relationship and sourcing management

Far removed from the traditional skills that IT professionals pursue, relationship and sourcing management will gain ground, demanding strengths in managing intangibles and managing geographically distributed parties with different work outcomes and cultures.

Future Opportunities for IT Professionals – Re-assessment Needed

So, IT professionals need to act now by assessing and building their business-specific, core process and industry knowledge.

The greater their grasp of the contextual realities of a business, industry, core process or market, the wider and more durable their opportunities will be,’ said Ms Morello.

So, Gartner advises IT professionals to examine and focus on their skills, expertise and desired employment model in order to convey a clear value message to potential employers.

So, to attract this new breed of IT professional, Gartner advises employers to develop growth paths and career opportunities for the four domains of expertise and provide incentives and awards for versatility.

Well, is this the way things turned out?

Were Gartner right?

Answers in the comments section below.

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