Contract Hell | Ten things that will make your new IT contract hell

contract hell
Contract hell for contractor

Contract Hell

There are things which will make your IT contract hell, but you don‘t find out till you turn up for the first day.

Here are some shockers, therefore, that you might find to make your contract hell for the next six months for you:-

1. First Contractor

You‘re the first ever contractor that they‘ve had at the company or department.

They‘ll expect not just another project body but will expect you to be a guru, a whiz, and several times more knowledgeable and productive than any of them for the money they are paying you. You cannot hope to be even nearly as good as what they expect you to be.

2. No Talking

There is a strictly ‘no talking‘ policy during working hours.

3. No Restaurant

There is no company restaurant, or even worse, you are not allowed to use it, and you have to eat every day at an extremely crowded Greasy Spoon by yourself, or alternatively at an extremely expensive restaurant.

4. Tricked at Interview

Although you were told that it would be development work using your up-to-date skills, you‘re told that the project ‘hasn‘t started yet‘ and that you will be assigned, ‘n the meantime‘ some Cobol maintenance work.

5. Poor Companion

You sit next to a really dull bore, who keeps talking to you about subjects in which you have not the slightest interest.

6. Contractor Hater

You get sat next to someone who doesn‘t like freelancers, thinks you shouldn‘t have been hired, and rebuffs any attempts to get on with him or her.

7. Poison Chalice

Your boss tells you on the first day (but not at the interview) that you are replacing someone whom they are going to sack, so you should get as much information out of him or her as possible before they break the news to them.

8. Passover Problem

Alternatively, the guy you are replacing is a permanent worker whom they are going to lay off but they tell him that he has to stay on for a month to pass his or her work and knowledge over to ‘the contractor‘.

So, all of the Permies will hate you for taking the job of one of their colleagues.

9. No Advice Needed

Your Project Leader is extremely youthful but doesn‘t want any help or advice, however, from an experienced contractor.

You know that the project is going to go belly up but no one wants to listen. So, it‘s very de-motivating and you really ARE just taking the money.

10. No One Knows You

You turn up on the first day and no one knows that you were coming. The guy who interviewed you a month before is on holiday or worse still, was seen off the premises the week before without mentioning he had hired you.

Contract hell is even worse if the contract is away from home and even worse still if it is in a foreign country.

Ah! The banes of being a contractor!

I‘m sure you could add a few more to this contract hell.

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