Failing Interviews – Ten things not to say at an interview

Failing Interviews
Failing Interviews

Failing Interviews – How to Do It

Contractors do not want to end up failing interviews if they can help it. You want, therefore, to give the company a good image of yourself.

So, do not say any of these – unless, of course, you do not want the contract.

1. What‘s the crumpet like here (especially if interviewed by a woman).

2. I‘m fighting a wrongful dismissal case with my last company.

3. I won‘t be able to do any overtime as I spend all my free time campaigning for the BNP.

4. I won‘t be able to go on call as my psychiatrist says I need a good night‘s sleep.

Discrimination Against Certain Contractors

5. I hope there is not discrimination here. I had to take my last company to court for not promoting me.

6. I‘ll need to take the occasional day off for my aroma therapy sessions.

7. I don‘t work well under pressure and with set deadlines.

8. When it comes to a review of how I‘ve done, I like to do my own assessment of how my bosses have done.

9. I don‘t agree with structured methods. My own style is best I find. I don‘t like my programs being walkedthru.

10. I like a few jars at lunchtime. So, is there a pub near by?

IT Contractor Comment

This may be mainly tongue in cheek but there may be just a grain of truth to some it. Moreover, I’ve heard some astonishing things that contractors have said at interviews.

Some of them don’t seem to have any credibility valve.

What about you?

Have you heard of stupid things that contractors have said at interview that have ended up with them failing interviews?

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