Renewal Time – Ten Signs Your Contract isn’t Going to be Renewed

Renewal Time for Contract
Renewal Time for Contract

Contract Renewal Time

There are often signs at contract renewal time that your contract won’t be renewed. Here’s how to spot them.

1. The date a month before your contract ends comes and goes without any mention of it by your client or your agent. Another week goes by and there‘s no mention of it. You start to worry

2. Your agent isn‘t available when you try to get in touch with him

3. Your boss avoids eye contact with you when he meets you in the corridor. You try to smile and be more pleasant with him when you bump into him, but it‘s not working

4. When, at the umpteenth try, you do get hold of your agent, he tells you that he‘ll get in touch with your client and get back to you.

He tells you of other opportunities that are around.

He knows already, but he‘s still trying to get someone else in there in your place, and doesn‘t want you to upset the apple cart.

5. You keep seeing nervous people at reception obviously waiting to be interviewed.

Renewal Time – Situation Vacant

6. If you ask your boss about what situation is vacant, he is evasive and wants to get away quickly.

7. ‘Permie‘ colleagues start telling you that you must keep in touch when you leave

8. You start to discuss your potential renewal with some people at work including the ‘permies‘.

They have fairly short answers. You do most of the talking and speculating, whilst they mostly listen and nod their heads.

They know the situation. You may well have upset one of the permies at one point and he reported this to your boss.

Show Him the Ropes

9. Someone new starts, is seated beside you at work, and you are asked to ‘show him the ropes‘.

10. Your agent doesn‘t want to come down and take you out for lunch as he normally does at renewal time.

If he does come down it will be for a drink at a bar only, at which point he will tell you that you are not being renewed. He will look out for further opportunities for you. This is hogwash. He won‘t. He shakes your hand very firmly as you part. You‘re on your own now

Renewal Time – Everyone Appears to Know Already

When you are finally told, you tell people at work about it, but they appear to know already, or are not surprised.

If your client is a bit cheeky he may ask you to leave early, ‘as soon as you‘ve had enough time to pass your work over’ to the new guy. He knows that you‘ll just spend most of your time on Jobserve, CWJobs or one of the other IT Jobs Boards.

Everyone is very nice to you at your leaving drink. Suddenly it‘s all over, and you‘re packing all your possessions. Your boss hovers around, ostensibly to wish you well, but in reality to make sure that you don‘t take anything you shouldn‘t and to make sure that you actually go.

Last Long Look

You have a last long look at the building where you spent the last year or so and disappear into the distance, never to set foot in there again, or see most of the people again.

Thinks go on as normal there.

You are now facing a period of unemployment. The reality starts to dawn on the last journey home.

You wonder whether upsetting that ‘permie‘ had anything to do with it.

If this has happened to you several times at renewal time you need to look at yourself closely.

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