Recruitment Agencies Client – Ten Reasons Client belongs to Agency not Contractor

Recruitment Agencies Client
Recruitment Agencies Client

Recruitment Agencies Client

We have received Recruitment Agencies Client from an agent, who said he is ‘sick to death’ of contractors talking about their ‘clients’.

He says that IT Contractors must Realise That Agencies Own the Client.

Here are ten reasons he has put for the clients being those of the agency and not the contractor. It’s where we add value and he contractor doesn’t.

Contract Has No Contract With End Client

1. The contractor has no contract with the end client – only the agency has. The contractor’s contract is with the agency for which he or she is a supplier. So, it is the recruitment agencies client.

2. The contract stipulates that the contractor cannot look for new work from his ‘client’ while he or she is working there. The main reason for that is that it is the agency’s client.

3. The contract states that the contractor cannot work for the client for a set period, e.g. 9 months after the contract has ended. If it were the contractor’s client, then he wouldn’t have to sign this clause. This is to prevent him poaching someone else’s (i.e. the agency’s) client.

4. The client doesn’t negotiate rates with the contractor before he or she starts, but does it with the agency, their supplier.

5. The client doesn’t normally discuss increases at renewal time with the contractor but with the agent with whom they have the contract.

Contract Terminates Via Agency – So Recruitment Agencies Client

6. The client doesn’t normally terminate the contractor directly, but through the agency. They can‘t, as they don’t have a contract with the contractor. They MAY inform the contractor, but they always tell the agency.

7. The contractor never takes the end client out to lunch and pays, and agents almost always do, which is a fair pointer to whose client it is.

8. If the client is happy with the contractor and wants ‘another one’, he goes to the agency and not the contractor.

9. If the client wants to incentivise the contractor or pay him or her a bonus, he must go through the agency, probably with the agency taking a cut.

10. There is seldom a supplier / customer relationship between the client and the contractor, the way there is between the client and the agent. The contractor often refers to the client as ‘the boss’ which the agent never does. The client looks upon the contractor as a temporary employee, which is what he, or she really is.

Sorry contractors, 95% of you are ‘disguised employees’.

Recruitment Agencies Client – IT Contractor Comment

So, what do contractors think?

Is it the recruitment agencies client?

Is this recruitment agent correct.

Is it the recruitment agencies client?

Or is this just silly games that agencies play?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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