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Agencies make Me Annoyed

An IT contractor says agencies make me annoyed.

We received this feedback after our article written by an agent, Ten Dirty Tricks Contractors Get Up To.

We thought it was worth publishing.

Looking for an IT Contract

I disagree with most of the comments made when it comes to me, personally, signing and looking for a contract but I have seen other contractors doing everything else from 1 – 10, especially the greed factors.

When it comes to contracts, once I have signed, I ALWAYS complete the contract. I am not greedy. The reason I became a contractor was for the variety of work.

I tend to get bored quickly and constantly seek new challenges. I believe in fair pay for a fair day. Also, I always undervalue my skills and have never earned more than the industry average.

I have to say though that I don’t generally want to give leads because I am giving my competitors work when I could be in that job myself. Remember all contractors are competitors – we are all competing companies.

Contractors Badmouthing Contractors

However, I totally agree with the Agencies when they say that contractors slag off everyone.

Being a contractor myself I can’t say I partake in that type of behaviour because I may want to get an assignment back at the company I have just left and this would jeopardise my chances.

I never bad mouth other contractors but tell it like it is if someone asks me my opinion of someone I have worked with in the past. I have lost out on contracts because people have bad mouthed me, but I will never do that.

If someone is crap I would say to an agency that they wouldn’t be suitable for certain roles but I wouldn’t come out and say they were crap – everyone is good at something and certain roles may not suit certain people.

It is very much a dog eat dog world out there and unfortunately most of the dogs are my fellow contractors.

Recruitment Agencies Have Lots to Answer For

On the other side of the coin though, Agencies have a lot to answer for. Here are good reasons why agencies make me annoyed.

1. Never calling back on results of CV processing when one applies for a role.

2. Hardly ever knowing what a job really entails – Just regurgitate a whole list of skills required and if you don’t have one of the list of 18 skills then you don’t stand a chance, which is not very helpful to either contractors or the companies doing the employing.

3. Always covering their own posteriors on the suitability front. Example, How
am I supposed to get a new role in a different field which I have lots of experience in when the agency ALWAYS says e.g. “you’re Lotus Notes therefore it’s too risky to put you forward for” something you did in the past (i.e. networking for 13 or so years).

4. You’re only as good as your last contract – where’s the scope in that?

5. All jobs are advertised at highly inflated rates and once they’ve got your CV you never hear from them again.

6. There are still a lot of greedy agencies out there too – I was once ripped off to the tune of 60%, yes SIXTY percent, of the rate rather than the standard 12-20% usually asked for. Pot – Kettle – Black.

Not Calling Back after Unsuccessful Interviews

7. Never calling back if you were unsuccessful at an interview and telling you why you were unsuccessful and how you could improve your interview technique etc.

8. When you have been to an interview and you fail to get the job, the agency will never call you again – they seem to view you as a loser.

9. Agencies are terrified because there are so few contracts out there and that they will be next on the UB40 trail, so they don’t give a monkey’s about their contractors. Hey guys, lets start to work together and build customer – client relationships, because that is what we are.

10. What ever happened to the occasional drink at the agency’s expense (or I should say, at the contractor’s expense?). After all, without contractors, agencies would not exist. People sought and found jobs successfully long before the invention of the employment agency.

So, that’s why Agencies make me annoyed.

What about you?

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