Ten Further Ways to Pull in an IT Department


1. Say that your favourite movies are “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Casablanca” and “The Way We Were” rather than Rambo, The Exorcist and Terminator 2. Let it be known that you shed a tear at the crucial bits (of the first three, that is)

2. Let it be known that you are all for equal pay for women, you despise fathers that don’t pay maintenance, and you would be there for the birth of your child

3. If there’s a guy at work that women think is a real jerk, let them know that you think he is a real jerk. If you get an opportunity to remonstrate with him while he is being a real jerk, take it – in hearing, of course, of at least one of the women

4. If there’s a drink-up at the pub, ask the boss, within earshot of the women, if there is a glass-ceiling policy as regards promoting women at the company. He will, of course, say that there is not. There’s no need to pursue this any further. The very fact that you raised it at all with him will get you bonus points

5. If you know someone is going to the hairdressers, make a mental note to say how nice it is when she comes back. You’ll likely be the only guy in work that does so. Even if it is one of the women that you don’t want, it’s still useful to get them on your side

6. Always compliment them when they wear something nice.

7. If you are complimenting a girl who is wearing revealing clothing, make sure you do it out of the earshot of the other girls. Don’t go into details about what you like about the dress (you won’t have to). Just say that the colour suits her. She’ll know what you mean without saying it. Follow the old management adage of “praise what you want more of” 🙂

8. When you do take a girl from work out, she’ll be grilled about it the next day. This is your moment of truth – and your best marketing opportunity

9. Don’t necessarily go for the best looking girl at work first. Start with the 3rd or 4th best looking one. There is a natural pecking order amongst girls, and if you have marketed yourself well, the top 2 or 3 may look for opportunities to re-establish the pecking order. If you start with the best, you may be missing out on further opportunities. When you take the 3rd or 4th best out, make sure you go to somewhere that you can say later is not really a date, e.g. you go to something or somewhere that you have a common interest in

10. To make sure that the other guys in work still like you, and to avoid the risk that you may be terminated out of jealousy, try to involve ‘the lads’ a little in what you do. When asked the normal questions, you cannot of course give out any details in case it gets back, but you should smile or chuckle a little whilst saying “I couldn’t possibly make any comment on that”. If you get them to consider you a bit of a hero like Sam Malone, the bartender in ‘Cheers’ instead of a threat, there may be positive benefits for you.

Good Luck 🙂

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