Stress – Ten factors in an IT department that will cause it

Stress in the Workplace
Stress in the Workplace for a contractor

Stress in an IT Department

Ten things that cause IT Contractors stress.


These always cause stress – especially when they cut them artificially, which they usually do.

The closer to the deadline you are the more stress there is. After the deadline it becomes almost unbearable.

Production Problems

These are especially stressful if either you caused the problem or you can‘t solve it. If it is both, then add double points to your stress calculator.


That is at knowing that things are not doing things right. It is soul-destroying to come into work each day knowing that the project is going to fail.

You want to tell them how to put it right – but you know that they would not care to hear your contractor thoughts (again).


Overtime can cause stress but it is especially so on a project that you know is going down the pan.

If it is dark when you come in and dark when you leave again it just adds to the stress levels.

It‘s even worse if you are not being paid for it.


Constant interruptions when you are trying to concentrate is very stressful, e.g. if you work in one of those stupid places with an intercom that continually breaks the silence with ‘Paging Richard Robson’.

Talking Bar

Being in one of those places where you can‘t talk at all, can‘t have mental breaks, and have to look as if you are working all the time is especially stressful. Sadly there are too many places like this.

Working with an Idiot

Working with a complete idiot who cannot get anything right is highly stressful. He or she will make you look like an idiot too.

Being an Idiot

Being a complete idiot is going to make your stress levels go up – in so many ways.

Layoff Rumours

Being in a place where 30% of the workers, permie or contract, are going to be laid off shortly is highly stressful.

Who is to be got rid of becomes the main topic of conversation.

Contract Termination

Having your contract terminated is highly stressful, especially if you have financial commitments, very little money, and you know that the current contracting market is simply awful.

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