Ten Effects of New Laws on Age Discrimination in IT Departments


The Government must implement new EU legislation by December 2006 that will outlaw Age Discrimination in the workplace.

This has been in effect in America for some time now. Let‘s have a look here at how it may change your workplace:-

1) Jobs may not be advertised as being for under a certain age, e.g. 35

2) It may be difficult to advertise for people ‘˜with ten years experience or more‘ as this may be found to be discriminatory against young people, who may be just as good at their jobs as people with more experience, but who may be excluded from applying for the job

3) Companies will have to get their house in order well before the deadline date, and you may see changes at your company well before implementation date. Companies will have to examine themselves to see if there is age discrimination at their workplaces, which there almost certainly would be

4) Companies will start to insert policies against Ageism as well as sexism and racism in their policy statements

5) Those interviewing will not be able to say to one another ‘He‘s too old for the job. This is a young department’. Anyone saying that will lay themselves open for disciplinary procedures by their company, if it is reported

6) We will see cases for wrongful dismissal in the newspapers and trade press for Age Discrimination to go along with those cases of sex and race discrimination

7) It will be very difficult for companies to lay off their older people during the next downturn. In a civil court you only have to prove that there is Age Discrimination on the balance of probabilities rather than beyond reasonable doubt, as you would have to prove in a criminal court

8) It will be dangerous to make ageist comments about ‘˜the poor old blighter‘ at your workplace in the same way that you cannot make derogatory remarks about women or black people

9) Young people can make a case that they were passed over for promotion because they were not old enough. Some companies prefer senior people to be a bit older or settled down. They had better not state that as the reason for not giving a younger person promotion, or they could be facing disciplinary proceedings or have their company hauled up in court for it

10) In the same way, older people can complain that they have been passed over for promotion. There can be none of this ‘he‘s just two years away from retirement, so its not worth promoting him’, or ‘it‘s a young team and he wouldn‘t blend well with them’

If you want to call someone at your work a stupid old ‘˜effer‘, you‘d better do it now, before your company changes its policy and you are had up before a disciplinary panel.

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