Taxman to get access to your emails phone calls texts etc


Taxman to get Access to Emails, Texts and Phone Calls

It looks like the Government is going to let the taxman to get access to your private details and messages soon.

It seems that George Orwell got it wrong in predicting that Big Brother would have arrived by 1984.

It looks now as if his prophesy was out by 28 years.

The police are to get more powers to get details of people‘s text messages, e-mails, phone calls and social networking messages.

As usual, with anything nasty, it is Theresa May at the centre of it.

As usual, they are using our security as the reason for taking away our liberties.

Security Services and Police

It‘s not just the police and security services who are going to get access to our data, it is the taxman too.

How is that going to help our security?

Of course, it is not automatic.

They can‘t just go in and read everyone‘s emails without just cause.

But what would be just cause?

Contractors Caught by IR35

Would suspecting that someone was caught by IR35 and using a Personal Service Company instead of an Umbrella Company be just cause?

Could someone not replying to HMRC‘s letter demanding that they provide information to show they are outside IR35 be just enough reason for them to apply to see your phone and text messages as well as your emails?

No surprise that they were in league with world champion phone and internet snooper Rupert Murdoch.

Perhaps it was his idea to allow the taxman to get access many of your private details and conversations.