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Best CV Advice
You need to get the best CV advice you can get to make sure you get as many interviews as possible. The more interviews you get, therefore, the better chance you have got of getting a good contract.

Your CV is your sales brochure. It is the only thing that recruiters and clients will see. It’s the sole way that agencies will make up their minds as to whether to put you forward to the client. It is the sole way that clients will make up their minds to see you or not.

So, your CV is your key in the door.

We have a host of articles below showing you how to do your CV so that you have the very best chance of getting interviews.
Competitors for Contract Roles
You have a lot of competitors for those contract roles out there. So, you need any advantage you can get on the competition. Therefore, you need to make your CV stand out. You need to make your skills and knowledge stand out on the CV.

You must, also, customise it for each individual job.

Anyway, read the articles below and find out how to give yourself a competitive advantage on your rivals through your CV

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