Success at last!


From Aussie contractor site

Good News

Wooo Hooo!!

Good news at last.

Well, couple of years out of work and I have finally scored a contract.

Was that a journey and a half!

End of 2001 laid off like so many others.

2002 totally dead

2003 not much better

2004 things picked up – but what about me?


Hundreds if not thousand of applications later and then at the beginning of 2004 the interviews started up again, then in about March the agents started ringing me, until finally I scored a hit.

I am not saying the worst is over by a long shot, but I expect the 2004/2005 financial year to be a big one.

Capital spending has been put off for too long and once again we are entering a situation where there is too much work and not enough people.

So take heart guys. Particularly the over 40’s (like me), better times are ahead.