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Stop Moaning IT Contractors
Stop Moaning IT Contractors, it's not your client

A reader posted this, about Moaning IT Contractors, in reply to one of our recent articles.

Stop Moaning IT Contractors

For god‘s sake, when will you all stop moaning IT Contractors..

If I can convince a client that the programme of work he has to get done is going to suffer if he keeps holding out for the permie he has been looking for at £30k salary for the last 3 months and that he has more chance of finding the Holy Grail hidden in my wardrobe, then shouldn’t I take the credit and a slice of the margin for convincing him that to get the job done he needs a contractor?

My Client That I Provide the Contractors to

If I then provide that contractor with or without interview and introduce him into a business relationship that I may have had for 5+ years, what right has the freelancer to start thinking it‘s his client?

I add value to all my client relationships AND my contractor relationships.

It’s what makes the World go round.

How I Add Value

I have to undertake salary and skill surveys for my client as well as reporting trends in their sector and what their competition are doing in business not just in recruitment.

So please, will all you one dimensional contractors with a chip on your shoulder just shut up for a change and try and make an educated comment on here next time you are bored.

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