Stop failing Interviews and not getting IT Contracts

Stop Failing Interviews
Stop Failing Interviews

Stop Failing Interviews

You must stop failing interviews if you are to get work and become a successful IT Contractor.

An interview is an opportunity to set out your stall.

Carpe diem.

Interviews are a two-way process. So go in prepared with

  1. knowledge of the company (if available on the net),
  2. certainly a full awareness of the job itself (agency) and
  3. get as much info as you can regarding the environment and the interviewer BEFORE you go into the room.

If they offer you refreshments, take them in good grace. Be alert in the interview. Show them you’re interested in the job and in yourself. Also, demonstrate to them in positive style why you are the person they need.

Giving the Wrong Image

I have interviewed countless candidates who were eminently qualified for the positions for which they applied. Hwever, they came across as having the wrong attitude. Examples of these would be despondency, over-assuredness, arrogance. These are all qualities that don’t present the right image.

As a contractor (and I’ve been there, before anyone suggests I’m just spouting without experiencing) you are selling yourself – so SELL yourself.

Jobs rarely drop in your lap – you need to work to get the rewards.

Keep Trying to get Contract Work

As to layoffs, keep plugging away.

A few years ago I decided to give up IT contracting (IR35 and the wife, mainly). So, I was laid off for 6 months, during which I applied for 550 positions. I also attended 12 interviews and never gave up hope.

If you have the skills, eventually someone will see this. However, make sure that you go to every interview with a freshness of attitude and brightness of eye.

Best of luck

I hope the advice will help you to stop failing interviews. I know that it helped me. Give it a try.

Barry (a reader).