Stop condemning Agents and Clients. Act like professional Contractors

Condemning Agents
Condemning Agents

Condemning Agents

The article asking to stop condemning agents is by reader Keepy.

IT Consultancy

I’ve been running an IT consultancy – i.e. contracting – for over 20 years. So, I have often heard complaints about dirty tricks from agents and clients by so-called independent contractors, both in the UK and Australia.

My response, however, has always been the same.

– Having created a company, accept the rights and responsibilities that go with it.

– Regardless of size, company-to-company agreements/contracts require and deserve the same level of professionalism from both parties.

– Don’t accept contracts which you are not prepared to fulfil.

– Be prepared to take legal advice and action if a contract is breached.

– In short, take the professional approach required of any successful business. That’s as distinct from ’employee’ looking to hide behind a mask.

Accept Responsibilities Instead of Condemning Agents

I certainly don’t condone the actions and attitudes of many ’employer’ companies any more than I would condone the ‘eye for an eye’ style of “professional” reaction. i.e “just do the minimum, that’s all they deserve”.

If you can’t accept ALL the responsibilities of running a company, drop the facade and openly accept the fact that you are just an ’employee’ looking to milk what ever tax dodge you can. That is by doing much the same as the maligned ’employers’, wanting things all your own way. Comment

It’s not one or the other.

Whilst IT contractors should act in a professional manner they should expect agents and clients to act in a professional manner too. By that I don’t mean in an unscrupulous manner.

It’s all right saying contractors shouldn’t be condemning agents but there is a lot that they do that deserves to be condemned.

Calling up IT Contractors telling them that they are going to look for a contract for them when all they want to do is spam references from them is unscrupulous and deserves to be condemned.

We should praise agents when they do something praiseworthy but there is nothing wrong with condemning agents when they do something sneaky and underhand.

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