Stop Blaming Recruitment Consultants Says Recruitment Consultant

Blaming Recruitment Consultants
IT Contractors must stop Recruitment Consultants

This article, about it Contractors Blaming Recruitment Consultants, was posted as Comments in our Comments section.

Blaming Recruitment Consultants

What cracks me up (I work as a recruitment consultant) is what was mentioned earlier – why are you all complaining about the cost?

Do we charge you anything?


Agencies Spamming References
Agencies Spamming References from contractors

Admittedly there are agencies out there who have a very ‘bums in seats’ attitude. They’ll put anyone and everyone into a job but there are good ones out there too.

It seems more and more companies are using agencies nowadays and that‘s going to be the way forward.

My Advice About Choosing Agencies

My advice is choose your agencies wisely.

Only pick ones who are advertising the jobs you want – what‘s the point of registering somewhere for the sake of it – we can’t work miracles and we can’t help everyone.

I tell my candidates a maximum of four in any one city – the process is the same and yes you will eventually get sick of hearing the same thing over and over again.

Ultimately it is your decision though.

IT Contractors Must Be Realistic

I only help people who are willing to help themselves too.

I am not prepared to spend an hour or more of my time registering someone for them to expect me to hand them a job on a plate.

A lot of people register with an agency then sit at home and wait for me to ring them with a job that they can start in immediately – that ain‘t gonna happen.

Recruitment Companes that Suck
Recruitment Agencies that Suck that IT Contractors should avoid

Asking Questions About Previous Clients

And yes we do ask where you‘ve been working, where you‘ve been for interview because we do need to know where you are and where you‘ve been – people don‘t believe the amount of time we spend sending CV‘s to companies and we don‘t want to be duplicating things.

People always see the worst in agencies because there‘s too many preconceptions flying about: they don‘t care, too expensive etc. Where are all the people who have had good experiences?

I bet there‘s one or two out there.

Recruitment Agencies
Recruitment Agencies

Stop Blaming Recruitment Consultants

Be wary of agencies who ‘promise‘ to get you a job – I never do because you can‘t ever guarantee a freelance position will come about.

Yes people do have bad experiences and things go wrong but if anyone can let me know of a company with a 100% success rate let me know.

Accidents happen – get over yourselves and stop blaming recruitment consultants for incidents which happen out of our hands.

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