Improve Cooperation – Six Ways to do it between IT Contractors & Agents

Improve Cooperation between contractors and agents
Improve Cooperation between contractors and agents

Improve Cooperation Between Contractors and Recruiters

There are several ways to improve cooperation between contractors and agents.

Agents and Contractors are in the same boat. Here we suggest six ways which would help the boat head in the right direction.

Create an industry standard contract

that would take all contractors outside IR35. One can achieve this by agreement between the representatives of contractors and agents

Amend the clause in the contract

that states that contractors cannot approach the client for new work whilst under contract to the agency. This prevents contractors becoming small businesses.

I‘m sure that the contract can be more creative in ensuring the rights of both parties. That’s while allowing the contractor to propose new business.

Dispose of the total exclusion part of the contract

where contractors are not allowed to work for the same client for up to a year after the end of the contract.

No one suggests that the contract should let contracors go direct to the clients after a three-month initial contract.

However, one could define the clause more narrowly. If a contractor manages to find work on another project and with another department or manager, there‘s no reason that the existing contract should prohibit this. That’s especially as the existing contract was over by this stage, except for the exclusion clause.

An alternative might be to cut this exclusion clause to an industry standard three months

Agencies should stop phoning contractors

pretending that they have a job for them just to spam contacts from them. They do this by asking for references or who their last bosses were, and then contact the references and bosses for their own benefit.

This is not part of the profession. It is lying. It is deceitful, hurtful and cruel and it must stop. This is one of the main ways that rogue agents manage to lose contractor‘s respect for the IT recruitment profession.

If agents want contact details, the way to do it is to be upfront about it, and say that they will reward the contractor if the agency manages to get any business from the contacts given to them.

They should also put in place some mechanism that allows the contractor to track this, as the suspicion would be that this promise would be quickly forgotten if the contractor never found out about it

Every agency should be upfront about its margins.

This would give contractors greater confidence that the agent was on their side and was trying to get as good a rate as they can for them.

They would both be on the same side. Contractors should not then use leverage to reduce the rate once after the interview, or after they start the job.

Agencies should have a stated policy about renewals.

Contractors don‘t understand why an agency should get a percentage of any increase on top of the rate that they had been getting, just for negotiating a renewal.

There is no need to create an industry standard for this.

All that needs happen is that agencies state up front what their policy on renewals is so that contractors can take decisions based on that.

This would improve cooperation between them greatly.