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Simply Umbrella is a great innovation and the provider set it up post the Chancellor’s Spring statement 2016.

The Chancellor, and the government, are making it very difficult for contractors to operate through their personal service companies.

Therefore, the contractor no longer decides if he, or she, is inside IR35 or outside of it.

Client Decides IR35 Status

It is the client who will decide their IR35 status. So, whoever pays the contractor, most times the agency, will have the financial liability if they get it wrong.

So many Government departments are taking no chances and telling contractors that they can no longer use their limited companies.

Therefore, to cope with this, they set up Simply Umbrella. This umbrella company is available for all contractors and freelancers, whether in the public sector or private sector.

Indemnifying Contractors

They protect you from (and fully indemnify you against):

  1. IR35 – as they employ all their contractors, and do not engage with the self-employed under any circumstances.

2. MSC – as all their contractors are paid PAYE and are reported on direct to HMRC through RTI.

3. AWR – fully compliant and exempt from the legislation on a Lawspeed, Professional Services Employment Contract.

4. Offshore Employment Intermediary Regulations – as their offices are in London.

5. Onshore Employment Intermediary Regulations (Disguised self-employment) – as they employ everyone, deduct PAYE and report direct to HMRC through RTI.

6. Working Time Directive – as all their contractors opt out of the hours restriction. under the Working Time Directive.

7. Conduct Regulations – as all their contractors opt out of the Conduct Regulations at contract start.

Freelancers can retain much more of their income using Simply Umbrella than they would via virtually any other PAYE umbrella company. So, it’s well worth finidng out more.

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