Automated Accountants – 93.5% Chance Accountants Will Lose Their Jobs to Robots

Automated Accountants
Automated Accountants

Automated Accountants the Future

Will you be using automated Accountants in the future?

There is a very high chance that automation will replace your Accountant in the coming years.

There is an assumption that it is low skilled, blue collar jobs that will go.

Indeed, many of those jobs have gone and many more will.

However, a recent study, by Carl Frey, of the likelihood of 1,000 jobs disappearing show that white collar, middle class, jobs will go too.

And it may be surprising which ones will go.

Any job that relies on calculations is in danger.

Computers can do that much better, and much more quickly, than people.

Actuaries and Insurance Writers

Actuaries and insurance writers are under threat.

After all, why do you have to go and meet them when you can simply fill in the data on a computer screen and get your premiums right away after rapid calculation by a piece of insurance or actuary software?

It’s the same with Accountants.

A lot of what they do is calculation – and very simple calculation it is too.

Automated Accountants could become the norm.

Annual Tax Returns

Think of your annual tax returns. How much different does it look to last year’s tax return – or the year before?

It is mainly the figures that change – and you can enter those onto a computer screen and into a software package.

And, hey presto, you have your annual accounts.

Legal Requirements and Knowledge

You may say that you need an Accountant because he, or she, understands the laws and what can be claimed and what can’t.

However, there is no reason why someone couldn’t programme these updates in tax law into Accountancy software on a regular basis.

Much of the work that Accountants do is repetitive.

They are doing the same thing, pretty much, for multiple clients.

Or rather, a clerk in their office is doing this repeititve work for multiple clients.

Indeed, New Account Clerks have a 99% chance of losing their jobs to technology – even more that their Accountant employers.

Bookkeeping and Accountancy Software

The software to do this exists at the moment but is not that widely used.

Indeed, it has, more or less, taken the place of bookkeepers.

It will replace more and more Accountants in the future.

So, spare a thought for your Accountant and those that work for him or her.

There is a high chance that technology will get rid of most of them in the coming years.

Automated Accountants could be the norm in the future.

Now, I wonder if technology could get rid of Recruiters as easily.

After all, most of them don’t have a clue as to what it is they are selling anyway.

And, the job most of them do isn’t highly skilled.


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