Recruitment agencies that suck. Here They Are

Recruitment agencies that suck
Recruitment Agencies that Suck that IT Contractors should avoid

Recruitment Agencies That Suck

Recruitment Agencies that Suck is from Aussie contractor site

I don‘t know if you are aware of it, but there are some recruitment agencies that suck out there big-time. Here are just some of them.

The don’t have a clue-ers

“Hi there. I’m looking for an IBM WebCircle developer. He has to have 8TML and be able to program Visual Simple.

‘Twenty years experience of XML are a must for the job. Financial experience is a must, but if you don’t have any that’s okay too.

‘If you have experience of Windows XP running on Apple Computers, that would be great.

‘If you could post me your resume that would be fantastic. Don’t forget to put a stamp on it.”

The just trying to build up their candidate database-ers

“Wanted – a candidate for what must be the best job ever to exist.

‘Any of the following skills would be nice, but no single skill is a must: programming, administration, C++, C#, Java, .Net, Oracle, SQL Server etc, etc, etc.

‘Even if you don’t have those skills but are an IT person, please forward your resume. Really, we’re just looking for anybody that breathes. Send ’em through”

Two weeks later when you call to enquire about the job: “Oh sorry, that’s been filled.”

The trying to fill up their client database-ers

“Oh hi there, how’s things? You sound well. Well everything’s just swell with me too.

‘Where are you working at the moment? Oh I know that place.

2You must be working for Fred Nurk then? Oh not Fred? Is it Frank Black then? Joe Blow? Sam Smiley? Susan Smith? John Jones?

‘Oh, it must be that new guy. What’s his name again…”

More trying to fill up their client database-ers

“I’ve got this great job for an IT Contractor, it pays $1000 an hour and you’d be just perfect for it.

“I just need the names, phone numbers, job titles and email addresses of your last four managers before I can put you forward for it.”

The straight to the lowest possible price-ers

“So your contract rate is $70 an hour. Any flexibility on that? Oh, so you’ll take $65?

‘Well I’m not sure if I can put someone forward at that price.

‘$55? Hmmm let me think. $45, well it might be okay, but it’s a competitive market.

‘How about we call it $35? Well if you’re going to take that, it’s not much of a stretch to $25.

‘Look, let’s just call it $10 an hour, okay?”

The my time’s much more valuable than yours-ers

“I’m sorry, but Serg is on another call at the moment, can I take a message?

‘Yes I know that this is the 14th time you’ve called for him, but I’m sure he’ll get back to you this time.

‘I know that he made you rewrite your resume and come in to the office three times.

‘Yes, yes, I’m aware that it cost you a lot to fly to Sydney from Perth for the agency interview.

‘I’m sure it must be very expensive to stay in a hotel for two weeks, but you have to appreciate that he’s got a lot on his plate.

‘No I’m sure you won’t have to call back again, he’ll be in touch sometime over the next month for sure… Well, almost for sure…”

The you are my slave-ers

“Look, I know we’re only paying you $20 an hour and are charging the client $200 an hour for your services, but you weren’t supposed to find that out.

‘It’s actually illegal for you to be in possession of that information. I could have you arrested, you know.

‘Look, I appreciate you being disappointed. What if we give you another $1 an hour?

‘Would you be happy then? I don’t think you appreciate how high our overheads are…”

So, there are some types of recruitment agencies that suck. I’m sure you have more.

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