Raking it in as an IT agent


Nye Bidwell, from Dundee, Scotland, started with SThree as a straight grad in 1999. Now he has his own flat in a flash area, an expensive car and a ski chalet.

Where I was

Loaded with debt, wanting to use my languages (I got a 2:ii in European Studies with French from University of Kent at Canterbury), and looking for a company that would reward me for results and hard work.

Weighing up traveling vs embarking upon my career.

Where I am now

Aged 25, managing a team in London, using my languages, dealing right across Europe and moving with my team to Munich in the near future.

Own flat in London, stylish vacations, expensive car and I even splashed out on a little studio ski chalet in the French Alps.

I met SThree at a recruitment fair the summer of graduation. I was originally considered for a different office but then they found out about my languages; my final interview was for the International Contracts division in London.

I had to pick strawberries in Kent for 5 days in order to pay for the petrol and parking in London, but it paid off, and in August I started work.

I chose SThree because the people I met were successful but not arrogant, and the role sounded interesting with opportunities for career progression. They explained they would train me how to eventually run my own business

What I had to do to get there

I found it incredibly difficult at the start, it didn’t come easily to me and it tested my resilience. But there is no substitute for hard work and long hours, especially in the first 6-12 months.

In return, the company lived up to its promise of investment in training and coaching. Since then, I haven’t looked back.

I was consultant for 18 months, made Team Leader in April 2001 and managing my own region by 2002.

I relished competing with fellow colleagues for the monthly top sales honours, and made the most of a fast-moving and buzzing sales environment that rewarded me instantly for the hard work I was putting in.

I’ve been to Las Vegas, Rome and Mallorca – all incentive rewards from SThree – and my holidays have taken me to far-flung places including Australia (3 times in one year!)