Public Sector Contractors IR35 Choice – Agree in 30 Minutes or You’re Fired

Public Sector Contractors IR35 Choice
Public Sector Contractors IR35 Choice

Public Sector Contractors IR35 Choice

A reader posted this article about a public sector Contractors IR35 choice on LinkedIn.

It shows the craziness of the current situation.

We think it is worth a wider audience.

Here is the contractor’s story.

Forced Into IR35 – Even Though He is Outside

I have been forced into IR35 by a trust that said if I don’t agree then ‘don’t turn up for work on Monday’.

The agency only let me know about this at 5.00pm to agree this by 5.30pm on Friday 31st March.

I call this signing under duress.

It’s just scandalous how a contractor is treated like a piece of meat.

IT Contractor Comment

It’s just total chaos out there in the public sector contractors market. This public sector Contractors IR35 choice is typical of what is happening.

They are forcing contractors who are in business on their own account and outside IR35 into paying a tax that they shouldn’t legally pay.

The Government are panicking their departments into refusing to deal with contractors using personal service companies.

Other Government departments are declaring contractor positions are inside IR35.

Catch-22 Situation for IT Contractors

So, the Catch-22 is that even if contractors are outside IR35, the position they have been filling is now inside IR35.

Of course, there is no legal basis for this.

The IR35 laws have not changed.

This is just a Government terror campaign to make terror-stricken Government departments force contractors to pay the IR35 tax.

And that’s even if the contractor is well outside IR35.

The Government doesn’t care about the legalities of that.

That’s like making people pay Death Duties when they are still alive.

This is completely unfair.

Inside IR35 or Outside IR35

A contractor is either inside IR35 or putside IR35.

So, if they are inside IR35 they should pay the IR35 tax.

If they are outside IR35, Government departments should allow them to use their personal service companies.

There are signs that this nonsense in the public sector will happen in the private sector in 12 months time.

Then all hell will break loose.


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