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Contractor Complaint
Contractor Complaint

Contractor Complaint

This contractor complaint refers to our article Please Stop Complaining.

This guy really has got some brass neck.

I would like to tell him that most of us have worked in other industries. A lot of us don’t have IT degrees and one of my constant arguments is – we aren’t all programmers, and we don’t all earn mega-bucks.

As a contract technical author I’ve only ever earned a good (but arguably modest) hourly rate. I was out of work for 14 months recently.

My husband who’s also a contractor, has been out for nearly a year.

Same Contract Rate

Fortunately I am now back in work but on the same rate I worked on seven years ago. However this is a contract I’m glad to have and you won’t hear me whinging about it!

There are some genuine cases of hardship and I hope this guy never has to be the sole breadwinner with dependents, and no recourse to social benefits.

His comments are unhelpful because he is not looking at the wider picture.

IT Contractor Comment

What do readers think?

Do contractors have something to complain about – or should they complain less?

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