Permies found Contractor asleep at desk after rough night out

Agency Dirty Trick on IT Contractor
Agency Dirty Trick played on IT Contractor

Contractor Asleep

A contractor sent in this article about a Contractor asleep on the job.

Agent 1

OK here is the latest, I get a report today, from someone from one of my client sites, that one of my network bods was sleeping on his desk on Friday after a rough night, the junior network guys took a video of him from a cell phone

Permies don‘t like contractors in this company for obvious reasons.

This hasn‘t got to management. As a manager / recruiter how would you handle damage limitation if it comes to light?

My take is that I’ll phone him on Monday and ask him to leave his timesheet blank for Friday as I won‘t bill and ask him to follow suit and not bill either, as these perm desktop guys are scrambling to get to the top will drop him in it.

How would you deal with it?

I used to think this guy was one of my best as far as ethics go.

Agent 2

Whatever you do, if you don’t tell the line manager and he finds out, it’s likely to blow up in your face.

Yes asking him not to bill is good option. However, it’s unlikely to appease the permies who are obviously after blood.

As harsh as it sounds, it may be wiser to sacrifice the contractor. This will keep the permies happy (for a while) and stop you losing face with the client.

Ultimately, the contractor (at least should have) knew the permies were out to get him and falling asleep at his desk gave them all the ammo they needed.

Replacements for IT Contractor

Personally, I’d go to the line manager and tell him what happened.

Go overboard about how appalled you are and how you’ve got replacements lined because you’re obviously going to terminate the guy.

Ham it as much as you can in terms of how disgusted you are with the contractor asleep at his desk.

Chances are the line manager might just let it go, but either way you get no blame attributed.

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